Hi - I'm Heather Allen.

I'm passionate about sustainability, transportation and development. I have been leading this field for that last 10 years. You will find a little bit more about my work here.

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Thought Leader. Speaker. Enabler.

Sustainable Transport

Sustainable development is the only way forward and sustainable transport is a prerequisite for this. I have been working in this space for 20 years and am experienced in setting up strategic partnerships and managing international programmes.

Training & Mentorship

I am an experienced trainer in sustainable transport and climate change and a trained mentor and coach. People say that I am a forward and innovative thinker - if you need some change and transformation and feel that I could help take your thinking out of a rut - contact me via the site.


I have a personal passion for equity and am actively working on helping to ensure that women get involved with sustainable transport. I am presently working on an international research project on women’s personal security and transport - if you would like to know more or wish to take part please contact me!

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